Autors: Brusev, T. S., Goranov, P. T., Hristov, M. H., R. N. Slavov.
Title: Еfficiency investigation of buck dc-dc converter for RF applications
Keywords: dc-dc converter, fully monolithic design, efficiency, CMOS 0

Abstract: This paper was focused over the efficiency evaluation and optimization of switch-mode dc-dc converter for RF applications. AMS CMOS 0.35 μm technology was used for investigations. Effect of different factors over the circuit’s behavior was considerate. Soft-switching control techniques was analyzed and compared with basic regulation’s method of buck converter. Influence of current-mode of operation was explored. Efficiency of about 76 % at 400 MHz switching frequency is illustrated for voltage conversion from 3.6 V to 1.2 V.



    Electronics 2006, pp. 41-46, 2006, Bulgaria, ISBN ISBN 954-438-565-7

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