Autors: Chervenkov, A. G., Chervenkova, T. V., Yanev, A. Y.
Title: Simulation of sinusoidal voltage inverter using reducing switching losses PWM
Keywords: simulation, converter, PWM, power losses, model, SIMULINK

Abstract: The article examines the work of a converter that synthesizes sinusoidal voltage supply to the active-inductive load through method of controlled high-frequency pulses with sinusoidal pulse-width modulation. High frequency semiconductor key elements of the converter switched at zero current, i.e. with reduced switching losses, each high-frequency pulse transmitted to the load range specified quantity / dose / energy. The linear dependence on active power in load to the first harmonic amplitude of load voltage and regulation angle respectively is achieved. Simulations on the operation of the converter to achieve a sinusoidal voltage in the converter output are carried out. Simulink model of the investigated converter is composed.


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Proceedings of 11th Summer School Advanced Aspects of Theoretical Electrical Engineering -Sofia, pp. 207-2014, 2016, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN:1313-9487

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