Autors: Sofronov, Y. P., Stoyanova, Y. P., Kopralev, N. E., Todorov, G. D.
Title: Kinematic study of the articulated trucks operating layout of turn for articulated vehicles
Keywords: Articulated joints, Articulated steering, Articulated vehicl

Abstract: In this article, a kinematic analysis of articulated forklift truck turning has been made. Articulated steering systems separate the vehicle into a front and back sections, with a pivot (articulated) point directly joining them in the middle. This allows them to be rotated one compared to the other. In most cases, the turning of the vehicle is accomplished when force is applied to front section, via hydraulic cylinders thus creating torque in the articulated joint or directly applying torque via electric/hydraulic motor. This allows such vehicles to have greater manoeuvrability and flexibility compared to the conventional forklift trucks making them preferable in the modern warehouses, which allows reduction in its isle width and as such increase in the its overall capacity which is of utmost importance. The minimum width of aisle and junction allowing articulated forklift truck with set dimensions to properly pass are been evaluated


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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineeringл 8th International Scientific Conference on Engineering, Technologies and Systems, TechSys 2019; Plovdiv; Bulgaria; 16 May 2019 through 18 May 2019, vol. 618, pp. Article number 012044, 2019, Bulgaria, Institute of Physics Publishing, DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/618/1/012044

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