Autors: Kichev, E. S.
Title: Reassessment of the importance of the safety systems availability in the NPP accident progression
Keywords: Accident progression,Functional event tree,HPIS,Initiating e

Abstract: What is the risk profile for the functional Event Tree (ET), which graphically represents the analyzed scenario of the Initiating Events (IE), depends on the equipment operation and the success criteria? What is the equipment importance to the safety for each accident scenario? This paper puts on discussion such questions and it tries to give some answers. An IE for a Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident (LB LOCA - 300mm equivalent diameter) as an example was selected. Based on the Level 1 PSA results, the criteria for successful recovery of this IE is actuation of 2 of 3 High Pressure Injection Systems (HPIS-TQn3) or 1 of 3 Low Pressure Injection System (LPISTQn2). The presented T/HA analysis investigates options to prevent possible fuel failure in case of LB LOCA. The operability of one train of LPIS against two trains of HPIS for the IE of LB LOCA considering possible delay in actuation of both trains is compared. The analysis demonstrates that actuation of one of both safety syste



    ESREL 2019, pp. 3852-3859, 2019, Germany, Research Publishing Services, DOI 10.3850/978-981-11-0745-0_0483-cd

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