Autors: Damyanov, I. S.
Title: Use of modern software solutions and systems for analysis and reconstruction of road accidents.
Keywords: Road safety, road accident, photogrammetric, analyze and rec

Abstract: This study examines the possibilities of investigating a road accident and provides initial data for the reconstruction of road accidents using photogrammetric techniques. Compared to the conventional practice of road accident reconstruction, photogrammetry saves time, money and is an effective method for investigating road accidents. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles - UAVs and mapping software enables the collection of collecting the data needed to investigate, analyze and reconstruct road accidents. The measurement results can be considered as initial information for a technique for repairing damage analysis. The study shows that photogrammetry has an increasing potential for application in the investigation and recovery of road accidents.



    9TH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE “TechSys 2020” – ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv Branch 14-16 May 2020, 2020, Bulgaria, DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/878/1/012043

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