Autors: Vassilev, V.S., Boycheva, S. V., Ivanova, Z.G., Stefanova, S.A., Markova- Deneva,I.N.
Title: Glassy phases in the GeSe3-ZnSe-AgI system
Keywords: Amorphous semiconductors, Chalcogenide glasses, Glass-formation



    12th Conference on Glass and Ceramics, September 24 - 26, 1996, Varna, pp. 173-176, 1997, Bulgaria, Publ. House Science Invest

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    1. Brian J. Riley, John D. Vienna, Denis M. Strachan, John S. McCloy, James L. Jerden Jr. Materials and processes for the effective capture and immobilization of radioiodine: A review, Journal of Nuclear Materials 470 (2016) 307e326, - 2016 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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