Autors: Stoilova, S. D., Kunchev, L. P.
Title: Method for optimal transportation using a three-phase model
Keywords: fuel consumption, optimization, network model, AHP method, Cost/Benefit, road train, vehicle, route selection

Abstract: A three-phase model for selection of the transportation of a road train has been applied in the study. The first phase determines the movement of road trains on a motorway by optimizing the relative performance using network model. The decision approach adopted in the second phase uses a multi-criteria analysis for route prioritization. The criteria for evaluation have been selected so as to take account of the characteristics of the road, the throughput of the road and convenience in travel. The third phase includes a route selection by Cost/Benefit ratio where the cost of each route is determined through the optimization in the first phase and the benefits determined by multi-criteria analysis in the second phase. The decision approach was tested for route selection for the road network in Bulgaria



    Comptes Rendus de L'Academie Bulgare des Sciences, vol. 69, issue 7, pp. 905-910, 2016, Bulgaria, Academic Publishing House, ISBN ISSN: 13101331

    Copyright Academic Publishing House

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