Autors: Malakov, I. K., Zaharinov, V. V., Dinev, G. D.
Title: Decision Making Support System for Multicriteria Discrete Optimization of Technical Products
Keywords: engineering design, decision making, decision making support system, multicriteria optimization, discrete optimization, technical products

Abstract: The paper presents a decision making support system for choosing an optimal variant of technical products. The problem is formulated and its characteristic features outlined. The decision making support system implements various approbated methods for solving the formulated problem. Its capabilities are extended with an advanced algorithm, based on ant colony optimization, and integrated as a program module in the decision making support system. An example problem is solved, showing some of the capabilities of the system, and the integrated algorithm.



    Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 841, pp. pp. 53-58, 2016, Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications, ISSN 1662-7482

    Вид: статия в списание, публикация в реферирано издание