Autors: Kolev N. P., Yordanova, S. T., Tzvetkov, P. M.
Title: Computerized Investigation of Robust Measurement Systems
Keywords: Computer investigation, measurement systems, robustness

Abstract: This paper deals with the development of software for investigating the robust properties of measurement systems and for their design and tuning in order to improve their robustness. The software constitutes Simulink models and m-files as extensions of the libraries of MATLAB. The investigations on continuous measurement systems (a self-balancing system) and discrete systems (ADCs) with improved robustness by using the internal model controller technique revealed new properties—fast dynamics, high accuracy, and discretization error reduction via multiple measurements.



    Journal IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. 51, No. 2, April 2002, pp. 4, 2002, United States, IEEE, ISSN:0018-9456, eISSN:1557-9662, DOI:10.1109/19.997813

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