Autors: Pavlov, N. L., Gigov, B. I., Stefanova-Pavlova, M. M., Dimitrova Z.
Title: Adaptive Predictive Energy Management Strategy Example for Electric Vehicle Long Distance Trip
Keywords: Electric vehicles, Driving resistance, Efficiency map, Energ

Abstract: In this paper the factors that influence the energy consumption of electric vehicles are examined. The main factors affecting the driving resistance such as load, grades, vehicle speed, and additional factors are considered. For example the climate control system and the influence of ambient temperature on the electric vehicle range. The impact of the electric drive efficiency map is also taken into account. The impact of each of the factors was evaluated through a numerical study. Recommendations are given for the strategy of an adaptive predictive model for the energy management of an electric vehicle. To be planned the point of next recharge for a long distance trip, the travel conditions must be taken into account. This is done by measuring some parameters before and during the trip. The information from GPS navigation for the intended trip must also be taken into account. It could give information for road inclines and the location of the charging stations.


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