Autors: Ivanov, M. P.
Title: Instantaneous field measurements of thermal bridge parameters in ground floor residential room
Keywords: Thermal Bridge, Field Measurements, Building Envelope Analyses

Abstract: The “thermal bridges” are defined as an isolated building’s areas, where the construction elements have higher thermal conductivity, compared with the rest of the building envelope. Thus, at cold winter conditions, a significant temperature difference may occur between neighboring solid and air volumes within the construction, which may lead to unwanted indoor air quality problems and health risks. The presented study focuses on instantaneous field measurements of thermal bridge parameters in real existing ground floor residential room. The thermal bridge propagation is analysed relative to the indoor and outdoor air temperature and relative humidity, as well as with infrared thermal images of the affected external walls. The achieved results give valuable information about the generic conditions for thermal bridge existence, without considering the building envelope properties.



    E3S Web of Conferences, Vol.112 (Article 01016), vol. 112, 2019, Romania, E3S Web of Conferences, DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201911201016

    Copyright E3S Web of Conferences

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