Autors: Ivanov, M. P., Mijorski S.
Title: Assessment of transient CFD techniques for virtual thermal manikins’ breathing simulations
Keywords: CFD, URANS, DES, LES, Virtual Thermal Manikin, Breathing Flow Modelling

Abstract: Comparative analyses of three different CFD based transient modelling techniques (URANS, DES and LES) for flow simulations with virtual thermal manikins is presented in this paper. The interaction between the breathing flow and the free convection flow resulting from the heated manikin’s surface is simulated under controlled room conditions. Recent studies of the authors’ show that simulations under steady state conditions can lead to over prediction of the resultant fields, so the implementation of transient simulation methods is recommended in that case. In the presented paper, the CFD results showed a good correlation between the different techniques, in the breathing zone of the manikin. Furthermore, in both DES and LES methods significant flow similarities were demonstrated in the zones dominated by the manikin’s free convection. While, for the URANS simulations it was observed a sensible deflection of the thermal plume in the zone above the head with shifting of almost 0.4 m.



    “Environmental Processes Journal”, 2019, United States, Springer International Publishing,

    Copyright “Environmental Processes Journal”, Springer International Publishing, ISSN (Online): 2198-7505, ISSN (Print): 2198-7491

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