Autors: Yordanova, S. T., Slavov M., Prokopiev G.
Title: Disturbance Compensation in Fuzzy Logic Control of Level in Carbonisation Column for Soda Production
Keywords: Disturbance compensation, Level control, Mamdani fuzzy logic control, Programmable logic controller, Real time experimentation, TSK plant model

Abstract: The intelligent approaches emerge as leading techniques in providing of stable and high performance control of industrial plants with nonlinearity, model uncertainty, variables coupling and disturbances. In the present research a novel approach for the design of a nonlinear model-free fuzzy logic controller (FLC) with two inputs – the system error and the main measurable disturbance and a rule base for disturbance compensation is suggested. It is based on expert knowledge and off-line parameter optimisation via genetic algorithms (GA). The approach is applied for the development of a FLC for the control of the level of ammonia brine solution in a carbonisation column with compensation of the changes in the inflow pressure. The control algorithm is implemented in a general purpose industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) in ”Solvay Sodi” SA – Devnya, Bulgaria. The assessed from real time control FLC system with disturbance compensation outperforms the FLC with a the error input.



    WSEAS Trans. on Systems and Control, vol. 15, issue 8, pp. 64-72, 2020, Greece, ,

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