Autors: Velichkova, R. T., Antonov, I. S., Antonov, S. I., Milka Uzunova., Kamen Grozdanov., Iksram El Abassi.
Title: Fire extinguishing system in large underground garages
Keywords: Water curtains Numerical investigation Fire in garages

Abstract: In the work is considered an acceptable constructive scheme from a practical point of view at fire extinguishing in underground garages. The garage space is divided into quadrants which covering, for example, 2 cars. In case of ignition on one of them, a sprinkler nozzle system is triggered by the effect of the vertical convective jet. A protective curtain preventing the spread of fire to adjacent vehicles is realized. The solution is based on an integrated method which allows the calculation from hydrodynamic point of view on extinguishing time of the fire extinguishing system.



    , 2017, China,

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