Autors: Petrinska, I. C., Ivanov, D. D., Pavlov, D. T., Kassev, K. M.
Title: Investigation of the electrical and photometric parameters of industrial LED luminaire fed by different drivers
Keywords: LED drivers, LED luminaires electrical parameters, Light color shift

Abstract: The paper presents detailed investigation of the electrical parameters of an industrial LED Luminaire, 220W, fed with four different drivers, in terms of waveforms of current and voltage, harmonic analysis of the current and voltage, power - active, reactive and apparent and power factor. The photometric parameters considered are the chromaticity coordinates of the emitted light; the correlated color temperature, the general color rendering index and the color fidelity index used for genuine description of the color of light, the dominant wavelength and the dominant wavelength. The drivers taken in consideration allow dimming of the luminous flux of the LED luminaire, so the electrical and photometric parameters are also measured and compared for different dimming level



    21st International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies, SIELA 2020, 2020, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-172814346-0

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