Autors: Marinova, I. Y., Mateev, V. M.
Title: Modeling of Dynamic Torque Control of a Coaxial Magnetic Gear
Keywords: Air-gapsDynamic control model, Input and outputs, Magnetic gear, Magnetic modeling, Modeling of dynamics, Optimal power, Rotational speed

Abstract: Overload of magnetic gears effects in output rotor slipping which reduce its speed and torque. Here is presented a dynamic model of a control system to avoid overload and keep optimal power transmission between rotors of a coaxial magnetic gear. The dynamic control model couples transient finite element magnetic model, kinematic losses model, to keep the maximal efficiency operational point in efficiency mapping charts. Input and output rotational speeds, torques and air gap magnetic fluxes will be dynamically acquired by sophisticated control system to optimize the power transmission, and avoid slipping at overload


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COMPUMAG 2019 - 22nd International Conference on the Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, vol. COMPUMAG 2019, issue 22, pp. Article number 9032786, 2019, France, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/COMPUMAG45669.2019.9032786

Copyright IEEE

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