Autors: Matanov, N. S.
Title: Study of the impact of induction motors starting on the supply voltage
Keywords: voltage sag (dip), induction (asynchronous) motors starting, Matlab

Abstract: Voltage sag is one of the essential indicators of the power quality. This applies to the manufacturing plants in particular, since the voltage sag can cause direct or indirect losses. The reasons for the voltage sags occurrence are the short circuits in power grids or the powerful motors starting. This report explores the voltage sags induced by the powerful induction (asynchronous) motors starting. MATLAB models have been made for common situations of low and medium voltage induction motors starting. Results of voltage sags at different motor power and different power supply parameters are summarized. The results can be used in the design of power systems and in the choice of the induction motor starting method



    ELMA 2019, 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-1-7281-1413-2

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