Autors: Rozeva, A. G.
Title: Mapping databases to ontologies of the e-Governance domain
Keywords: semantic web, ontology, relational database, database schema, mapping, e-Governance

Abstract: Ontology has emerged as means for modeling information of a given domain enabling its retrieval and exchange in the web. It has proven to be the basis for the development of applications in the semantic web, which demand data described by rich semantics and provide for the execution of complex queries on them. The realization of their potentialities in practice depends upon the establishment of mapping techniques to existing databases in the same domain. The purpose of the mappings is to make data from databases available for semantic knowledge on the web, provide for their interoperability for semantic applications and add value to legacy data sources by enabling semantic queries upon them. Current research is aimed at investigating mapping issues between databases and ontologies for e-Governance.



    Proceedings of the VII International Conference “E-governance”, pp. 15-20, 2015, Bulgaria, Technical University – Sofia, ISSN 1313-8774

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