Autors: Serbezov, V. S., Panayotov, H. P., Todorov, M. D., Penchev, S. I.
Title: Application of multi-axis force/torque sensor system for experimental study of small unmanned aerial vehicles propulsion systems – Preliminary results
Keywords: aerodynamics, propeller, unmanned aerial vehicle

Abstract: The experimental evaluation of the performance of small propellers plays important role in the process of multicopter UAV design perfection. This paper presents a small UAV propeller test stand, based on a multi-axis Force/Torque sensor system. The system makes possible to measure the thrust, torque and the pitching moment or lateral force (when in oblique flow) of the tested propeller. The data processing of the experimental results is discussed. Results for static, axial flow and oblique flow conditions are presented. Some conclusions about the measurement methodology are drawn. The results verify that the test bench has good accuracy and is easy for operation.



    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 878, 9TH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE "TechSys 2020" – ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS 14-16 May 2020, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2020, Bulgaria,

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