Autors: Tsankova, R. S., Rozeva, A. G.
Title: Generation of knowledge from “good practices” as open government procedure
Keywords: Knowledge generation, text mining, data mining, knowledge management system, virtual library, public administration management

Abstract: Research objective is the generation of knowledge from virtual library of “good practices” in administration management for empowering open government. A framework for knowledge generating process is presented. Our proposal is the knowledge extraction to be performed by text mining technique. Different aspects of text mining are considered together with the results obtained. Knowledge resulting from document processing through text mining, i.e. tacit knowledge is in the form of topics, relationships, document groups, categories and links. Text mining software solutions are also presented. The scope of topics concerning “good practices” about public administration management is defined. Preliminary results and conceptual framework for the establishment of knowledge management system for good practices regarding administration management are discussed.



    Proceedings of CEDEM11 Conference for e-democracy and open government, pp. 209-220, 2011, Austria, Edition Donau-Universitaet Krems, ISBN 978-3-90250520-1

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