Autors: GILEV, B. N.
Title: Model and Neural Controller for a Distributed Parameter System
Keywords: induction heating, Maxwell equation, heat transfer, neural network

Abstract: This paper originates a numerical-analytical model of the electromagnetic and thermal processes in the system inverter-inductor-load. Initial creation the mathematical model of the electrical processes in the inverter,which is used as power supply device for the inductor.This problem is solved.The electromagnetic problem is described by the Maxwell equations with the boundary condition.From the task’s solution we could define the density of the thermal source.We could find an analytical solution for the problem,but as parameters of the problem are variable we suggest numerical-analytical procedure by discretisation of the time domain interval.Furst training forward neural network modelling the system,and then using this model for training neural network controller,which maintains a specific operating mode of the system.This paper examines controller, which maintains constant amplitude of the current in the inductor.



    9th WSEAS International Conference on NEURAL NETWORKS (NN’08), pp. 131-135, 2008, Bulgaria,

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