Autors: Mirtchev, S. T.
Title: Study of Preemptive Priority Single-server Queue with Peaked Arrival Flow
Keywords: Preemptive Priority, Peaked Arrival Flow

Abstract: A preemptive priority single-server teletraffic system with peaked arrival process and arbitrary departure process is studied in this paper. The peaked arrival process is described by the Polya distribution. A new model of this teletraffic system is, based on a generalized Pollaczek-Khinchin formula. It is shown that the peakedness of the peaked arrival process increases significantly the mean service time of this preemptive priority teletraffic system.



    X National Conference with International Participation "Electronica 2019", pp. 59-62, 2019, Bulgaria, DOI 978-1-7281-3621-9/19

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