Autors: Rozeva, A. G., Zerkova, S. I.
Title: Assessing semantic similarity of texts
Keywords: Text mining, semantic similarity, knowledge discovery, latent semantic analysis

Abstract: Assessing the semantic similarity of texts is an important part of different text-related applications like educational systems, information retrieval, text summarization, etc. This task is performed by sophisticated analysis,which implements text-mining techniques. Text mining involves several pre-processing steps, which provide for obtaining structured representative model of the documents in a corpus by means of extracting and selecting the features, characterizing their content. Generally the model is vector-based and enables further analysis with knowledge discovery approaches. Algorithms and measures are used for assessing texts at syntactical and semantic level. An important text mining method and similarity measure is latent semantic analysis (LSA). It provides for reducing the dimensionality of the document vector space and better capturing the text semantics. The mathematical background of LSA for deriving the meaning of the words in a given text by exploring their co-occurr



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1910, issue 1, pp. 060012, 2017, United States, AIP Publishing LLC

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