Autors: Mateev, V. M., Ralchev, M. L., Marinova, I. Y.
Title: Current sensor accuracy enhancement by harmonic spectrum analysis
Keywords: Data processing methods, Fast-Fourier transform algorithm, Frequency contents, Frequency harmonics, Hall-effect sensors, Harmonic spectrum analysis, Magnetic core saturation, Measurement setup

Abstract: Here is presented a data processing method for current sensor output signal analysis based on frequency harmonics content. Hall Effect sensors measurement setup is used for data acquisition. Measured data have been processed by fast Fourier transformation algorithm in order to decompose frequency content of sensor output signal. Harmonic spectrum could be used for sensor accuracy enhancement where magnetic core saturation is distinguished by real frequency content of primary current


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13th International Conference on Sensing Technology,Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST, vol. ICST 2019, issue 13, pp. Article number 9047692, 2019, Australia, IEEE Computer Society, DOI 10.1109/ICST46873.2019.9047692

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