Autors: Mladenov, V. M., Todorova, V. I.
Title: Early detection of multiple sclerosis and the implementation of clinical trials recruitment process with ML methods
Keywords: Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Clinical Trial Recruitment, MS earl

Abstract: The purpose of a clinical trial is to evaluate a new treatment or a medical procedure. When medical researchers conduct a trial, they recruit participants with appropriate already existing health problems and medical histories. We describe an expert system based on Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that helps to recognize multiple sclerosis (MS) patients for clinical trials at a very early stage of the disease development. Experiments show that patients can be selected based on common early signs of MS and thus the system can increase the number of selected patients which helps to the clinical trial requirement. It can be beneficial to the patients to recognize the disease in an early development stage.



    International Scientific Conference COMPUTER SCIENCE'2020, 2020, Bulgaria,

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