Autors: Kadalev, S. H.
Title: Method for assessment of residual heat generation within preparation of spent nuclear fuel shipment from research reactors
Keywords: RR SNF shipment; assessment of residual heat generation; cyclic operational mode

Abstract: In the presented paper is considered the approach to an assessment of the residual heat generation within preparation of SNF shipment from research reactors. A possible approach to solving the problem for residual heat generation assessment at cyclic mode of facility operation is discussed, i.e. after several periods of operation and idle time, including at different levels of the reactor operational power. The approach is scrutinized in two possible mathematical models of calculations – weekly and annually modeling of the input data for calculations. In order to prove the correctness of the calculations based on an annual operating cycle in the mathematical modeling, calculations for both models under the same operating conditions were made and comparative analysis of the results was prepared. The presented approach is applied to SNF shipment preparation from the nuclear research reactor IRT-2000, Sofia, Bulgaria, to the Russian Federation within RRRFR programme.



    Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy, vol. 19, issue 4, pp. 359-365, 2018, Ukraine, Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, ISSN 2074-0565

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