Autors: Kralov, I. M., Genov, J. A., Angelov, I. A.
Title: Modified bem theory application for determining the aerodynamic forces acting on the blade of wind turbine
Keywords: aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, wind turbine, wind velocity

Abstract: The wind generators generating power in the order of megawatts have significant dimensions. Due to the vertical wind speed gradient in these plants it is important to note that the aerodynamic interaction is a function not only from the wind speed at the level of the turbine axis but also from the blade azimuth position. The authors propose the adaptation of the Blade element momentum theory to take into account the different aerodynamic conditions for the separated blades at a given angle of the turbine rotation. In this article are given more detailed results for the aerodynamic characteristics and forces compared to the classical approach. The vertical wind speed gradient has been shown to generate significant dynamic loads in the individual blades of the turbine. As a result, they cause significant fatigue loads, impaired work performance and reduction of the inter-repair periods, and last but not least, excite a strong increase in the vibration and acoustic emissionл


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Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol. 20, issue 3, pp. 1255-1269, 2019, Bulgaria, Scibulcom Ltd., ISSN 13115065

Copyright Scibulcom Ltd.

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