Autors: Genov, J. A., Kralov, I. M.
Title: A linear quadratic regulator synthesis for a semi-active vehicle suspension part 2-Multi-objective synthesis
Keywords: Active Suspension Systems | Ride Comfort | Magnetorheologica

Abstract: In the first part of the paper the dynamic model of the system is given, and all necessary for the control law synthesis characteristics are obtained-the state variables and excitations, at the semi-active implementation of a vehicle's suspension. The examined model represented the vehicle's dynamics in the vertical plane-the so-called "Half car model". Due to the contradiction of the requirements imposed by the syntheses criteria-good ride comfort and on-road vehicle's stability in this second part a multi-objective optimal control is proposed realized by a linear quadratic regulator, combined with a compensator for the input excitation. The solution is found as a sustainable Nash strategy in the context of the Game's Theory. The controllable vibroisolation elements are magneto-rheological (MR) dampers. After taking into account their physical characteristics, it becomes clear that to the regulator, the damper's inverse-models also should be included.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 2172, 2019, United States, AIP Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-073541919-3

    Copyright American Institute of Physics Inc.

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