Autors: Dimitrov, V. V., Hinov, N. L., Vacheva, G. I.
Title: Switch Function Modelling of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter
Keywords: Power converters, modelling, switching function, bidirection

Abstract: This paper proposes a generalized switched function model for a bidirectional DC-DC converters. Typical application for such converters is as a part of an electric vehicle power topology, where different architectures are available when more than one energy source is available. For this reason the model is general enough to incorporate a cascade or a parallel power architecture. The model includes switching and conduction losses of the semiconductor devices and ESR loss of the power inductor. The load of the model is based on the load requirements for a vehicle driving a standard Cycle WLTC.



    Proc. XXIX International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2020, 2020, Bulgaria,

    Copyright IEEE

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