Autors: Yankov, D., Grigorova, T. G.
Title: Analysis and Investigation of an Asymmetric Bridge Converter for a Three-Phase 12/8 SRM in Generating Mode
Keywords: asymmetric bridge converter, generating mode, Switched Reluc

Abstract: The following paper considers an asymmetric bridge converter fed three-phase 12/8 SRM in generating mode. Considerations for the maximization of the energy recovered from the machine to the battery are discussed. The influence of the different quantities upon the maximum energy recovery conditions is studied. It is shown that the amount of energy returned from the SRM to the battery depends mainly on the excitation and generation intervals, the PWM duty cycle, the matching of the internal battery resistance and the position-dependent SRM equivalent resistance. The obtained analytical results are verified by simulations in MATLAB / Simulink.



    11th NATIONAL CONFERENCE “ELECTRONICA 2020”, 23-24 July 2020, pp. 1-4, 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA50406.2020.9305153 /ISBN:978-1-7281-7531-7

    Copyright IEEE

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