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Autors: P. Dankov., Tzaneva, B. R., Videkov, V. H.
Title: Microwave characteristics of thin Al2O3 membranes as metasamples for optical applications
Keywords: anodic aluminium oxide, anisotropy, dielectric constant, microwave methods, metasamples, nano-porous membranes

Abstract: In this paper, a complete characterization of the dielectric parameters of thin anodic Al2O3 membranes with formed nano-scale air-filled pores was performed in the frequency range 0-40 GHz by a combination of two microwave methods – a resonance method applying pair of cylindrical resonators with different excited modes, that allows evaluation of the dielectric anisotropy, and a broadband method, where the samples cover different transmission lines (coplanar waveguide and microstrip line). It was found that the purity of the initial aluminum foil as well as the thickness of the obtained dielectric membranes influence their optical (perpendicular transmittance through the membranes) and dielectric properties (dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent). The main benefit of these investigations is the established dielectric anisotropy of the test samples (different dielectric parameters in parallel and perpendicular directions to the sample surface), which confirms the metamaterial-


    Proc. SPIE 11332, International Conference on Quantum, Nonlinear, and Nanophotonics 2019 (ICQNN 2019), vol. 11332, pp. 1133203-1, DOI: 10.1117/12.2551892, 2019, Bulgaria, © 2019 SPIE, ISBN 978-151063431-2 / 0277786X

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