Autors: Vacheva, G. I., Hinov, N. L., Dimitrov, V. V.
Title: Research of Acceleration and Braking Modes of Electric Vehicles in MATLAB/Simulink
Keywords: Electric vehicles, Matlab/Simulink, Power converters, Electr

Abstract: Nowadays, with the increasing of the pollution and global warming one of the solutions for the current problems could be resolved with the usage of electric vehicles. The development and research of the electric vehicles includes establishment of electrical and mechanical systems. The main objective is to develop a model and control system to study the energy flows in acceleration and braking modes. For the improvement of the process of design a different mathematical model is necessary to be used entire system consisting of electric motor, electronic converters, gearbox and differential. In the proposed model it is also taken into account a rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag and the force of the electric motor.



    2019 42nd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), pp. 3, 2019, Bulgaria, 5, DOI 10.1109/ISSE.2019.8810283

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