Autors: Dimov, D. S.
Title: Study of the Employers Requiremens for the Preparation of Application Documents
Keywords: application documents, cv, cover letter, employers' requirements

Abstract: This paper investigates and analyses the requirements of the employers on the completion of the applications for internship or work, and summarizes the most common mistakes in their preparation. Some recommendations for improving the quality of these documents are made. These improvements will increase the competitiveness of the applicants. The application documents are an essential element of the system of personnel selection in organisations. They are the first contact of the employers with their future employees. The proper preparation of the documents is a prerequisite for the applicants to be liked and approved the next stage of the selection - the interview.



    International Scientific Conference "Economics and Management 2013" - Ekonomika ir vadyba 2013, 2013, Lithuania, DOI 10.5755/e01.2335-8807.2013

    Вид: публикация в международен форум, публикация в реферирано издание