Autors: Dimov, D. S., Taneva, N. P.
Title: Innovation Enterprises - an Essential Requirement for the Bulgarian Economy Competitiveness
Keywords: Innovations, innovation enterprise, innovation SME, Bulgarian Innovation System, competitiveness, economic development.

Abstract: Innovations have a crucial position in the policy of the European Union (EU) for increasing the competitiveness of European economy. They are the basic means for achieving the objectives of the renewed Lisbon strategy for economic growth and employment [1]. In order to be competitive the enterprises have continuously to offer new goods and services on the market and they have to create innovations. To achieve this purpose it is necessary for them to be open to new products and services, new working methods, new technology and to be able to adopt and use their advantages. The encouragement of innovation activities should become a basic element of the policy of modern enterprises. This will require the creation of favourable conditions and taking measures aimed at stimulating the establishing and development of innovative enterprises where the new ideas and technologies to be disseminated [2].



    5-th International Scientific Conference "Business and Management’ 2008", pp. 606-612, 2008, Lithuania, ISBN ISBN 978-9955-28-268-6

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