Autors: Dimov, D. S., Taneva, N.
Title: Technical Universities - Base of The Triangle Knowledge-Education-Business
Keywords: Technical universities, innovations, triangle knowledge – education – business

Abstract: The increase in the competitiveness of the Bulgarian industry and the improvement of the capacity to cope with the competition in the EU market are only possible through creation, introduction and dissemination of innovations, in order to ensure a competitive edge in the international market and satisfy in advance the new demands of domestic and international consumers. The National Innovation Strategy of Bulgaria is aiming at increasing the competitiveness of Bulgarian industry, through the introduction of new knowledge-based products, materials technologies for producing, management and services. Technical universities play strategic role in the building and development of a knowledge-based economy by forming a network of organizations stimulating the participants in the triangle knowledge-education-business to generate knowledge, transfer it and create value.



    6-th International Scientific Conference "Business and Management’ 2010", pp. 571-577, 2010, Lithuania, DOI 10.3846/bm.2010.076

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