Autors: Dimov, D. S.
Title: Opportunities for Implementing HERMES 5.2 in the Human Resource Management Teaching
Keywords: HeRMeS V, Human Resource Management, TechnoLogica

Abstract: Computerized information systems are essential and indispensable part of the modern business management. Analysis of literature revealed the growing need for building new competencies in the Human Resource Management training through the introduction and use of an integrated information system - HeRMeS (R) 5.2. Trends and opportunities for improving the competitiveness and the effectiveness of the higher education are going to be examined for the reason to bring together the sides of the knowledge triangle. The tool for achieving that objective is to implement a practical oriented training, to meet business needs of highly qualified personnel with specific skills and knowledge. Also this could have positive impact on attracting more students to work in the area of management and human resource development. Using HeRMeS (R) 5.2 training in Human Resource Management helps to increase competitiveness of professionals, to develop information society.



    7-th International Scientific Conference "Business and Management’ 2012", 2012, Lithuania, DOI ISBN 978-609-457-116-9 ISSN 2029-4441 print/ 2029-929X online/10.3846/bm.2012.107

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