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Autors: Naydenova, I. I., Petrova, T. S., Velichkova, R. T., Simova, I. S.
Title: PM10 exceedance in Bulgaria
Keywords: particulate matter, PM10, ambient air quality

Abstract: Despite the effort done by member states during the last decade, failure in the implementation of the Ambient Air Quality Directive is being continuously registered in many European cities for different air pollutants. One of the biggest concerns in Bulgaria is the exceeded PM10 concentration in the ambient air, measured in all six air quality zones during the winter period. This has induced numerous activities (at the national and European level) focused on the following issues: identification of the level of exceedance of the air quality norms for PM10; the general emission sources; the most prominent omissions and discrepancies in the legislative framework; the level of implementation of the prescribed measures and many others. However, the PM10 exceedance is still of a significant concern in at least 28 municipalities in Bulgaria. Thus, the present work introduces a brief report on the current state of the problem in the country.


    CBU International conference proceedings, vol. 6, pp. 1129-1138, 2018, Czech Republic, ISSN 1805-997X