Autors: Pavlov, N. L., Sokolov, E. E., Peychev, M. H., Dacova, D. I.
Title: Numerical simulation of free and forced oscillations for pendulum type child travel seat
Keywords: Dynamic model, child seat, pendulum and simulation

Abstract: This paper presents a dynamic model of a tilting child travel seat. The child seat is presented as a physical pendulum. Thereby the seat in concert with the child can rotate around a cylindrical joint located above its mass center. This way the lateral acceleration acting on the child travelling in a cornering vehicle can be reduced. Thus the ride comfort of children travelling in road vehicles can be improved. The differential equation of motion of the system child-child seat, necessary for the needs of the research is presented. Numerical simulations of free and forced oscillations of the pendulum type child seat are carried out with MATLAB. Displacement, velocity and acceleration results obtained after conducting the numerical simulations are presented in graphical form.


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International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, vol. 10, issue 3, pp. 172-177, 2019, India, IAEME Publication, ISSN 0976-6359

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