Autors: Pavlov, N. L., Sokolov, E. E., Peychev, M. H., Dacova, D. I., Kunchev, L. P.
Title: Comfort Improvement and Kinetosis Reduction by the Use of a Pendulum Type Child Travel Seat
Keywords: Child seat, kinetosis, comfort, acceleration and road testing

Abstract: The current study analyses the effect of using a pendulum type tilting child seat on the comfort improvement and the reduction of kinetosis (motion sickness) among children traveling in an automobile. Road tests with registration of the accelerations for a conventional child seat and a pendulum type tilting child seat are performed. Results for the spectral densities of the linear accelerations along the orthogonal axes are presented. The quadratic means of accelerations acting on both seats are calculated and compared. Results for the motion sickness dose value are obtained. A calculation for the percent of people who can vomit is made and the results for both seats – conventional and tilting, are compared.


  1. Pavlov, N. L, Sokolov, E. E, Peychev, M. H, Dacova, D. I, 2018,ITEMA 2018: Design and test of a tilting seat for improving children’s comfort during traveling, Грац, Austria, pp. 246-253
  2. Mansfield, N, 2005, Human Response to Vibration, New York, CRC Press


International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, vol. 10, issue 3, pp. 178-187, 2019, India, IAEME Publication, ISSN 0976-6359

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