Autors: Pavlov, N. L., Sokolov, E. E., Iontchev, E. I., Miletiev, R. G., Peychev, M. H.
Title: Transmission of lateral vibrations to children during car traveling and possibilities for their reduction
Keywords: lateral acceleration, whole body vibration, comfort

Abstract: The publication addresses the need for technical solutions to reduce the transmission of lateral vibrations to passengers, especially children traveling by car in a child seat. A special design of a pendulum type tilting child seat has been proposed. Results of road trial conducted on a specific mountain road section are shown. The differences in the values of lateral accelerations acting on a child traveling in a conventional and in a tilting seat are given. The power spectral densities of lateral accelerations for both types of child seats are presented and compared. The root mean square values of lateral acceleration are given. Results for the values of the seat tilt angle are presented.


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Matec Web of Conferences, issue 287, pp. 1-4, 2019, France, EDP Sciences, ISSN 2261-236X

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