Autors: Dimov, D. S., Taneva, N.
Title: The R&D Personnel – a Key Competitive Factor for the Innovative Enterprises in Bulgaria
Keywords: R&D personnel, innovative enterprises, innovation factor, R&D competencies, innovation results

Abstract: Purpose – the article explores the R&D personnel as a competitive factor of the innovative enterprises in Bulgaria. Research methodology – a wide literature review and survey are conducted on R&D personnel and its performance together with a comparative analysis of secondary data resources. Findings – the article presents the essence, the peculiarities, the innovation results, the R&D competencies in the context of the innovative enterprises in Bulgaria. A generalized classification of the innovation goals and results is developed. The approach and the model clearly describe the R&D personnel as a factor, influencing the innovation activity and focus on its improvement. Research limitations – lack of relevant research studies on the topic in Bulgaria. Practical implications – the results help managers to make decisions on how to raise the enterprise’s innovation activity. The model can be implemented in the enterprise's innovation system.



    International Scientific Conference "Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Economics Engineering'2019", pp. 860-871, 2019, Lithuania, DOI ISBN 978-609-476-161-4 / eISBN 978-609-476-162-1/10.3846/cibmee.2019.088

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