Autors: Boycheva, S. V., Marinov, I., Zgureva, D. M., Miteva, S., Behunova, D., Vaclavikova, M.
Title: Application of coal ash zeolites for removal of heavy metals and dyes from polluted waters
Keywords: coal fly ash zeolites, heavy metals, dyes, water decontamina

Abstract: Coal fly ash (CFA) is an abundant resource of crude aluminosilicates and can be considered as a starting material for processing of zeolites instead to be disposed as a waste. Coal fly ash zeolites (CFAZ) are distinguished from their pure synthetic counterparts in a mixed micro-mesoporous texture and significant amounts of iron oxides transferred from the raw CFA. CFAZs possess lower specific surface area than the pure synthetic zeolites, however, it is sufficient to be applied as low-cost adsorbents for effective removal of heavy metals and organic pollutants from contaminated waters. In this study, examples for CFAZ applications in purification of waters from heavy metals and organic pollutants are provided. CFAZs are modified with metal oxide nanoparticles in situ or by post-synthesis impregnation to improve their adsorption potential, and to acquire magnetic and catalytic properties. CFAZs activated by nanoparticles of cobalt and coper oxides are applied as effective Fenton-like c



    XXVIII Scientific Symposium with International Participation Situation in ecologically loaded Regions of Slovakia and Central Europe, pp. 89-96, 2019, Slovakia, Ústav geotechniky SAV, Košice, EQUILIBRIA, s.r.o. Košice, ISBN 978-80-89883-10-3

    Вид: публикация в международен форум