Autors: Popov S. A., Baeva, S. K., Marinova D. G.
Title: Post Pareto optimization–A case
Keywords: Pareto Optimization, multi-objective optimization, Post Pareto Optimization, Pareto Frontier

Abstract: Simulation performance may be evaluated according to multiple quality measures that are in competition and their simultaneous consideration poses a conflict. In the current study we propose a practical framework for investigating such simulation performance criteria, exploring the inherent conflicts amongst them and identifying the best available tradeoffs, based upon multi-objective Pareto optimization. This approach necessitates the rigorous derivation of performance criteria to serve as objective functions and undergo vector optimization. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed approach by applying it with multiple stochastic quality measures. We formulate performance criteria of this use-case, pose an optimization problem, and solve it by means of a simulation-based Pareto approach. Upon attainment of the underlying Pareto Frontier, we analyze it and prescribe preference-dependent configurations for the optimal simulation training.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1910, pp. 060022-1–060022-7, 2017, Bulgaria, American Institute of Physics

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