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Autors: Rupetsov, V., Kolaklieva, L., Chitanov, V., Angelov, M., Raychev, R. P., Zlatanov, Z. C., Pashinski, C. O.
Title: Deposition and tribomechanical study of nanolaminate Ti/TiN/AlTiSiN/(AlTiSiN/TiAlSiN)n/AlTiSiN hard coating
Keywords: hard coatings

Abstract: The application of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) hard coatings is one time-tested practice in the modern industry. Two of the main tendencies that promise a progress in this area are the combination of more chemical elements in one coating and the creation of nanolaminate structures. Since many combinations are possible in the design of the coatings, it could be expected they would have many different properties which are difficult to predict. In an attempt to work simultaneously in both of these directions, one nanolaminate Ti/TiN/AlTiSiN/(AlTiSiN/TiAlSiN)n/AlTiSiN coating was developed and its mechanical properties were tested. The results obtained give a reason to believe that it could be widely practically applied.


    , 2019, Bulgaria,

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