Autors: Slavchev, S. S., Maznichki, V. Y., Stoilov, V. M., Enev, S. E., Purgić, S. P.
Title: Methodology for assessment of material fatigue in the area of welded joints of railway bogies by calculation
Keywords: Bogie, Fatigue, DVS 1612, ERRI B12/R17, EN13749;

Abstract: The current work presents the problem of assessment of the material fatigue in the welding area of the rail bogie frame type Y25LS-K. During the assessment process of the bogie frame dynamic strength, it was found that the results from the theoretical assessment differ from the experimental ones. An analysis of the reasons for these differences was made. A few approaches for the theoretical assessment are presented in order to match the conditions for application of the prescribed loads in calculations as close as possible to the test conditions. Proposed methodology allows the commissioning of bogies into service only based on a theoretical assessment of material fatigue in the welding areas of the bogie frames. The methodology is verified in real theoretical and experimental studies of the certified design of bogie Y25LS-K, ..



    IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 618, 2019, Bulgaria, ISSN 1757-8981

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