Autors: Petrinska, I. C., Ivanov, D. D.
Title: Influence of the Position of LED Luminaires on their thermal regimes in photometrical measurements with a telecentric photometer
Keywords: LED luminaire photometry, burning position,

Abstract: The current paper shows experimentally obtained results for the heating of a LED luminaire put in different burning positions during photometric measurements. Two different goniophotometers are considered – telecentric, where the light distribution of the luminaire is measured while the luminaire is positioned with the light sources facing up (this is not its prescribed burning position) and mirror distributive gonio photometer (MDGP), where the light distribution is measured while the luminaire is in its prescribed burning position. The first equipment has the advantage, that although the luminaire is not in its burning position, the measurement is much faster than when MDGP is used, so the thermal regime of the luminaire under consideration remains normal.



    2019 Second Balkan Junior Conference on Lighting (Balkan Light Junior), vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 19-22, 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN ISBN 26030-414X

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