Autors: Nikolova, B. M., Gieva, E. E., Nikolov, G. T., Ruskova, I. N., Mladenov, M. G.
Title: Sintering Temperature Influence over Sheet Resistance of Inkjet Printed Layers
Keywords: Nano-silver conductive ink, Sintering, Resistivity, Sheet resistivity

Abstract: Printing technologies for the production of conductive layers and electronic devices are well developed because they use cheap materials and printers as well as fast methods for layer treatment. Still a major challenge for their application is that there is no information on the electrical parameters of the inks and substrates used, especially depending on the method of obtaining the structures. This paper explores the impact of sintering temperature on sheet resistance of three topologies on two types of substrates.



    10th National Conference with International Participation, ELECTRONICA 2019 - Proceedings, 2019, Bulgaria,

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