Autors: Daskalov, H. Y.
Title: Academia 4.0: University on the Blockchain
Keywords: Open Source University, Academia 4.0, Research Overview, Learning & Development, Research & Development, Software Development, Key Success Factors

Abstract: The book gives a 360 degree look at the OS.UNIVERSITY project, which is the main deliverable out of the research on the key success factors behind open source projects. The project is built around the framework of success factors. Part One of the book is the research oriented, based on all of the previously published research papers, building on top of each other - peer-reviewed and included within the proceedings of international scientific conferences that have taken place in Bulgaria, Latvia, and the Czech Republic throughout 2017 and 2018. Part Two is the technology oriented part, based primarily on the original technical whitepaper that presents the open source EdTech solution behind the R&D effort, i.e. OS.UNIVERSITY. Part Three is the community-oriented one, based on in-depth blog and social media articles' review, concerning OS.UNIVERSITY and its traction when it comes to its practical implementation and the change that it brings to the L&D eco-system.



    , 2018, Latvia, International Book Market Service Ltd., ISBN 978-613-9-81464-0

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