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Autors: EvtimovaGardair, M. E.
Title: Semantic system for searching of employees
Keywords: : Information retrieval, Semantic web, Ontology, Multi-agent system, Big data, Employee orientation

Abstract: Many people have stress to leave their job and start a new one because of the new environment and not enough knowledge about the culture and structure about the new organization they are going to work in. New employees in company normally need to integrate in their working place environment quicker to start doing their job. That makes them ask a lot of questions to their colleagues and sometimes their colleagues are too busy to answer those questions. In the literature is defined that this problem could be solved when new employees use digital system for information as the proposed system for searching of information. Furthermore, the quality of the returned results from the searching system is defined as a standard for the efficiency of the searching systems. Because of this, it is proposed a semantic system for searching information of employees in a company that will help to better orient new employees in a company, to know the position and the function of each employee in the comp


    International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, issue 3, pp. 132-136, 2018, Bulgaria, IARAS, ISBN ISSN: 2367-8925