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Autors: Pandelova, A. L., Aleksandrova Ts., Chavdarova Z.
Title: Calibration of gas flow meter with Test Bench ITF2500-1-A
Keywords: calibration, test bench, flow meter, uncertainty budget

Abstract: In this paper calibration of gas flow meters with impulse output is presented. The calibration is performed with a test bench ITF 2500-1-A, which includes three standards rotary piston flow meters – one G16 master meter, IRM-A type and two G650 master meters, IRM-3-DUO type. The Test bench is covering flow rates from 0.5 m3/h to 2500 m3/h. The calibration is carried out with air at ambient temperature and pressure. The calibration of the gas flow meters is expressed as an estimate of the relative error of the flow meter for a certain flowrate in its operating range.


    Metrology and Metrology Assurance, pp. 101-106, 2017, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-9126

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